Shift Delivery

Shift Delivery is:

  • A worker owned co-op. 
  • Your reliable delivery partner.
  • Your downtown advertising provider. 

Do you need help with your deliveries?



City-smart deliveries and targeted advertising.

City-smart Delivery

Shift takes care of your deliveries with cargo tricycles.

Fast & Reliable- With access to bike lanes and the ability to park and unload virtually anywhere, our trikes can bypass congestion and ensure timely delivery.

Exceptional Service- At Shift, every employee has the opportunity to share ownership in the business. As owners, we take personal care with each package and offer exceptional service to you and your customers.

Take a Load Off- We manage the hassle of coordinating deliveries, so you and your team can focus on what you do best.

Our trikes can haul a substantial capacity - up to 75 cubic feet and 500lbs, or about the same load as a mid-size SUV. We can deliver a diverse range of products including office supplies, produce, clothing, baked goods, meats, electronics, and much more.

Want more information? You can reach Ben at ben [at] shiftdelivery [dot] ca

Targeted Advertising & Promotions

Our unique and eye-catching trikes offer the ideal platform for well targeted advertising and promotional campaigns. We reach audiences throughout downtown and the surrounding neighbourhoods, and can park easily in high traffic areas. We operate in the busy downtown core Monday to Friday, with frequent exposure to many of the busiest shopping streets, tourist desinations, and business districts.

What we offer:

Outdoor Advertising- Trike panel display during our regular delivery runs in Downtown Vancouver. We offer short and long-term campaigns with affordable pricing.

Full Service Promotions- We adapt our trike fleet and train our staff to actively promote your product or brand to the target audience of your choice.

Special Event Partnerships- Get noticed at public events with Shift tricycles! Our trikes can help with event logistics and we also offer promotional services at special events.

Interested in booking an advertising or promotional campaign with us? You can find out more by contacting Devan McClelland, 


We are committed to...

Transforming the delivery industry and strengthening the local economy.

Our Clients

We are committed to nurturing relationships with our clients and their customers at every opportunity.

We offer delivery clients the opportunity to focus on their core business and let us handle the hassle of delivery logistics in the congested core.

Our trikes bring unique and focused attention to the products and brands of our advertising & promotional clients.

Our Community

We improve the urban environment by replacing noisy, greenhouse gas producing trucks with quiet electric trikes and friendly trikers.

Our trikes use pedal power and an efficient electric assist motor. We generate zero tailpipe emissions and each trike uses less electricity in a year than a typical household dryer.

Since inception in 2012 Shift Delivery has:

  • Made over 110,000 deliveries
  • Travelled over 100,000 kilometers
  • Prevented over 48 tonnes of harmful CO2 emmisions

Our Workers

We are structured as a worker co-operative, which means that our staff democratically own and operate Shift together.

We offer meaningful and empowering work with professional and personal development opportunities.

We are proud advocates of the co-op business model. Whether you wish to join our team or start your own co-op, we would love to chat with you!

Emissions Calculator

With Shift, Your annual emissions
savings could be    Learn more

Please enter the weekly distance traveled by your delivery vehicles in Downtown Vancouver. Results are estimates only and calculations are based on emission factors from the Government of Canada's the Urban Transport Emissions Tool and include only direct tailpipe emissions. Contact us for more information on how working with us can help your company meet environmental targets.


Nice to meet you! 

Our Story

Shift was founded by a group of young, passionate students who came together with a shared vision to reduce the impact of goods movement and to create empowering green jobs. We launched in August, 2011.

Team Profiles


Robyn loves being outdoors and is passionate about co-op models and community building! She is proud to be a co-owner and co-founder of Shift. While studying at SFU, Robyn helped write the original business plan for Shift, and since then she has been dedicated to making Shift as resilient, organized and impactful as possible. When she is not making sure everthying at Shift runs smoothly you can find her harvesting food, talking about politics, hanging clothes up outside, and heading for the mountains.




“I’ll get to pedal a big trike around town all day, you say?”
“Drink as much beer as I like, you say?”
“Whilst keeping the body of a young Spartan warrior?”
“Shut up and take take my mo… “
“What! You’ll pay me too?” 


Geoff brings his mechanical and electrical experience to Shift as well as love for all things bike and the best xmas cake in the land. He came to the west from Ontario for the mountains, and stayed for the great people... and mountains. Consequently he loves when he can see the mountains on his ride to work. When he's not on or underneath a trike, or in the mountains, you can find him cycling around taking pictures of chickens for his instagram account.


Aaron: so hot right now


Adrienne is passionate about sustainable transportation and spends her time learning how to contribute to positive change in Vancouver and the everyday workings of the urban economy.
She has lived in Vancouver for most of her life aside from a few years spent living overseas in the UK, Ireland and Australia. She recently earned a masters degree in Urban Studies from SFU and can now focus on her favorite activities: swimming, knitting cosy socks, and making art.  She loves to spend time outdoors, greeting friends and neighbours on the streets of East Van and occasionally escaping into the wilderness of the Sunshine Coast to commune with bears and cougars. Look her up


The music is strong with this one


Besides being a dedicated triker, Tegan is also a musician. Listen to her jams here

Ben brings his huge smile to Shift as well as organizational savvy and a love for dealing with people of all stripes. He feels grateful for the opportunity to improve his local community, smiles and waves from children, the chance to continually grow his leadership skills and serve his co-workers. Ben has lived in Vancouver for three years, and loves to garden, cycle (clearly!), hang out with his niece and nephew, relax on Wreck beach, make zentangles, and stalk auctions, craigslist, and estate sales.
Keep up with him on Twitter @mrbenwells



Andrei can often be found in a Tuna Melt.


Devan loves to brainstorm wacky ideas. He also doesn't mind the rain, and in fact finds it quite cleansing. 
Being a Shift triker satisfies his need to be outdoors and allows him to contribute to society while feeling like a rock star. He loves working on small art projects (mainly photography), home made veggie burgers, pickled vegetables, and learning German! Find him on twitter @devanmac 


Moriah joined Shift to complement her passion for cycling and revolutionary ideas. She likes to think of herself as a small town sunshine coast girl living in the "big" city. She is interested in building community through urban farming, outdoor exploring, eco-activism, open sourcing. When she’s not triking or updating Shift's social media, you can find her attempting DIY projects from natural health remedies to refurbishing her thriftstore furniture.


Alumni Members

Kevin Cooper

Name: Kevin Cooper

What I brought to Shift: A big smile, an entrepreneurial spirit, and solid experience delivering fresh produce with cargo bikes
What Shift offered me: A chance to work with an amazing team of people in realizing our shared vision for safer, cleaner, and friendlier downtown streets
What I'm doing now: Kevin is living it up in Toronto, making beer and growing melons.  When he's not meeting with his local Councillor about bike issues, Kevin is working at the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation developing a 470km rural cycle route that wraps around Lake Ontario.

Graham Anderson
Loretta Laurin

What I brought to Shift: As one of the original founders of Shift, I contributed to the very first conceptual conversations that informed our original business plan, and eventually, our incorporation and launch! I was involved in everything from Org Dev, to HR, to Biz Dev and Marketing, and all the random things in between. I made the very first phone calls and sealed the deal with our first and biggest client, Mills Basics; and I executed a brilliant media release strategy for our launch! I co-designed this website (beautiful, isn’t it?); and as organization and formatting queen, I also helped lay down the foundation for many systems. My biggest contributions are the heart and care I brought to every single interaction, working from a place of passion for the co-operative model and deep care for the whole team at Shift. As one of my co-workers said, I “brought the heart and soul to Shift.”

What Shift offered me: The experience of starting up an innovative, values-based business with a bunch of people I love is just irreplaceable! I gained skills and confidence in all areas of my work, and can now confidently call myself an experienced entrepreneur. I was given many great learning opportunities, such as HR workshops, and I got to know a number of brilliant minds in the social enterprise scene. My experience at Shift deeply challenged me in wonderful ways, allowed me to grow as a person, and showed me what my greatest strengths are. I am so grateful for the support and encouragement I received from my team throughout it all!

What I'm doing now: I am pursuing my passion for “people” as a Holistic Embodiment Facilitator (in training). My goal is to facilitate the growth of healthy, balanced individuals and communities through the innovative integration of physical movement and deep, effective communication. I especially seek to empower social and environmental movements through the personal and inter-personal empowerment of the people and communities behind them (through the use of full embodiment systems). I currently teach a number of fusion fitness classes, but I am also exploring specialized workshops, intentional dance event organization, embodied counselling, and building networks in this field. I am in an exploration phase and will be doing some traveling, and eventually may take my Masters in Somatic Psychology. Connect with me at:

Working with Shift

Not hiring at the moment, but if you are an eager beaver please email with your cover letter and resume. (we love eager beavers) 


We'd like to introduce you to our partners!

Delivery Partners


SPUD is an online grocery company that delivers local and organic groceries to your doorstep.

You want to eat sustainably. You’re also busy, and have better things to do than sift through hundreds of products at a grocery store. We make it easier. 

Not only do your groceries come to you at the click of a button, you can also rest assured that you're getting products of the highest quality. All of our products are either certified organic, natural, or locally and sustainably made. We’ve got incredibly high standards for the food that we sell, which is why we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

We believe that getting local, organic food delivered to your doorstep is one of the easiest and most powerful ways that we can promote sustainability, improve health, protect the environment, and ultimately, change the world. Shopping with SPUD helps you make a big impact by simply buying groceries.

Curious to know more? Come visit our website, or read more about our commitment to sustainability at B Corp.

Partnering with Shift is a natural fit for us. We’re proud to be supporting their innovative and earth friendly human-powered transportation!


Foodee seeks to solve the problems faced at corporate lunch hour: variety, timing and waste. The company has partnered with Vancouver’s premier chefs to provide offices with the very best of the city’s colourful culinary scene. Among their exclusive offerings: Meat and Bread, Vij’s Railway, Tacofino, Cork and Fin and many other high-end restaurants. Shift is proud to partner with Foodee making zero-carbon deliveries from restaurants to offices 5 days a week since 2012.


Mills Basics

Mills Office Productivity is a B.C. based dealer of Business Supplies and Educational Products. This family company was established in 1949 has been using business as a force of good by being a changemaker in the community through positive practices of Sustainability, Local Procurement and Corporate Social Responsibility.

At Mills, environmental leadership is a priority and a long-standing tradition. By working closely with its family of customers, employees and suppliers, the company brings to life a vision of environmental responsibility and care that encourages and supports sustainable practices in Office Productivity.

Mills Social Responsibility Management Practices are based on the principle that businesses have an important role to play in addressing the social interests and sustainable development goals of their community.

Save On Meats

First, a little bit about what we do and who we are. Save On Meats is owned and operated by local entrepreneur, Mark Brand, who is restaurateur in Gastown. He loved the old Save On Meats and when it shut vowed to save the space. A lot of planning and renovating (as well as sweat and tears) has gone into the building over the last couple of years. Some of you may have even caught some of these efforts on OWN with their docu-series ‘Gastown Gamble’ which follows Mark and his team as they work to first open and then maintain this massive business.

The new Save On Meats was built to serve our entire city, regardless of neighborhood, income or budget. Our full service butcher shop is one of the most well known in the city boasting an extensive range of house made burgers, sausages and pates as well as free run and organic meats, fresh baked bread and every day deals on essential groceries. After only 8 months in business our shop was recently awarded ‘Bronze for Best Butcher in The City’ in the Westender, Georgia Straight and The Courier!

Our diner next door is a day and night affair serving all of the comfort foods typically found at the classic lunch counters that used to line Hastings Street from Burrard to Boundary. From the all day breakfasts to hand spun milkshakes we keep it simple, affordable and delicious. You may recognize the room from a recent episode of ‘Diner’s Drive Ins and Dive’ on Food Network with Guy Fieri – he sure does love our smoked turkey potpie!

Save On Meats is dedicated to being a strong community partner, and a supportive neighbor to those who reside in the Downtown Eastside. We take pride in being a socially responsible enterprise acting as an inclusive establishment, catering to the diverse needs of the community in which it is located.

Lazy Meal
Barons of Beef

Barons of Beef work exclusively with farms that raise animals in a way that is natural to them, with a diversity of foods that they have evolved to eat and with the space they need to express their natural tendencies. When these considerations are made, the nutritional quality of their meat is drastically improved. Barons uses Shift's sustainable delivery services every second Tuesday to deliver their ethical products.

Golden Ears Cheesecrafters

Husband and wife, Kerry and Lynn Davison, both grew up with farming in their roots. Though they spent years working in other careers, neither of them ever lost the passion for farming that had been passed down to them through their family heritages. They began a hedging cedar business on their farm property in 1995, which continues today, but is extremely labor intensive. The close proximity of Kerry’s older brothers Jersey dairy farm next door, together with their location on the busy Abernethy Connector, sparked the idea for this new farm business venture.

“We wanted to add another dimension to these great farm assets; provide something that people would value and enjoy. People love cheese…”

And so began the exciting adventure that has brought this family closer together and closer to their roots.

“We’re building a sustainable future for our family farm in this community and bringing people back to food basics, they can literally watch their cheese being made. That experience is something people value.”

Shirtland Drycleaning

Shirtland Dry Cleaners has been operating in Vancouver, British Columbia for over 50 years. We are Vancouver’s Eco Friendly Dry Cleaning specialists. We provide total garment care through services such as Alterations and Tailoring, Platinum Shirt Service and cleaning for Bedding and Table Linens.

We have a strong end-to-end commitment to environmental stewardship. From our cleaning to our packaging, we are industry leaders in the usage of environmentally friendly technology.

With our logistics partner, Shift, we offer a convenient and free pick up and delivery service to your office twice weekly.  Corporate discounts are available.

Savoury Chef

Savoury Chef Foods was launched in 2006 by Chef Taryn Wa and partner Kyle Nordman as a personal catering business but, through the support of a loyal client base, gradually expanded into a high-end catering company and event coordinator offering a wide array of menus for corporate parties and casual office delivery, social and private events and wedding celebrations. From innovative, Asian-inspired cuisine to classic favourites, Savoury Chef has established a reputation for concocting simple-yet-elegant meals across a range of culinary genres. Shift helps the Savoury Chef team deliver their catered lunches to offices downtown 3 days a week during regular lunch hours.


Vital Supply Co.

Vital Supply Co. gives you the opportunity to eat at an exceptionally high level, with balanced meals designed to fuel the body and mind, all while saving the time it takes to plan, source and cook nutritious meals. They do this through their simple and easy delivery service. Order your Vital meals on their website and watch them appear in your organization's Vital fridge twice a week. Order as much or as little as you wish. It's their goal to improve the quality of your life through healthy eating that is ultra convenient and refuels your vitals.

La Grotta Del Formaggio

Domenico Bruzzese literally grew up surrounded by high quality Italian foods in Vancouver Canada. His father, Fortunato Bruzzese, born and raised in Mammola, Reggio Calabria (one of Italy’s most southern provinces), brought with him to Canada a love and respect for the foods that he left behind.

He first immigrated to Montreal in 1963 and in 1976 he moved to Vancouver with his young family. In 1977 he opened La Grotta Del Formaggio, a small Italian Deli filled with incredible products that could make anyone feel like they were standing in a store in Italy. The deli has been situated in the heart of what was once Vancouver’s ‘Little Italy’ and remains there to this day (1791 Commercial Drive) supplying Vancouverites with high quality foods from across the Mediterranean. It is here where Domenico also learned to appreciate food, seeing how the deli turned into a second home for him.

After high school Domenico went one step further and enrolled himself into cooking school, giving him the opportunity to acquire the formal knowledge about food needed to further himself in the industry. This in itself opened new doors and before he knew it he was on his way to continue his culinary studies in Italy. After culinary school he worked at a few restaurants through out Vancouver but soon returned to work at his family’s store that he grew up in.

In 2005 Domenico with the help of his father expanded the small Commercial Drive store into a large specialty distributor, now servicing Metro Vancouver and beyond with high quality products. To think that this all started by concentrating and focusing on high end hotels and restaurants, they now expanded their distribution network and supply large and independent retailers as well.

Passion for food and culinary expertise run thick through Domenico and we hope to bring this passion to you.

Delish Gluten Free

At Delish Gluten Free Bakery, we aren’t just about baking products.

Jenna’s love for baking started at a young age as she grew and gained experience she eventually started baking products of her own. She sought out for ways to help her grandmother find better alternatives for her condition.

Over many trials, tests and experiments Jenna has been able to provide her grandmother and countless others with delicious gluten free & wheat free baked goods. Jenna understands the daily struggles that come along with having gluten and wheat allergies. Each product is created so that even those without gluten or wheat allergies would crave them.

Choices Markets

Currently with ten locations and our Gluten-Free Bakery, Choices Markets  is Western Canada’s largest local retailer of natural, organic and specialty foods. We are a 100 percent BC owned and operated family business.

Originally opened in 1990, Choices is proud to be celebrating 25 years as a local, grassroots grocer committed to our customers, communities and planet.

Small Flower Cafe

The Smallflower Cafe and Bakery is a gluten free cafe started by The Wallflower Modern Diner. The Wallflower is a place where Omnivores, Carnivores, Vegan, Vegetarian and Celiacs can all dine together in comfort. A place where you can relax in the corner with a good book, catch up with friends or meet new people in the neighbourhood. Shift helps simplify their delivery needs by bringing gluten free items from the bakery in Gastown to the diner located on Main St.

Recycling Alternative

We are pleased to announce Recycling Alternative and Shift are joining forces to provide SBIA members with a comprehensive organics and recycling collections service at competitive and exclusive rates. The exclusive rates will be based on number of businesses joining the program, the number of streams collected from your business, and bin sharing opportunities between neighbouring businesses.

The new Preferred Organics & Recycling Collections Service Provider program will help the SBIA reach the following goals:
• reduce the amount of landfill waste being produced in Strathcona,
• increase diversion of recoverable materials,
• coordinate service to decrease trucks and emissions produced in the area,
• reduce laneway clutter and litter,
• reduce vehicle congestion, and
• provide a unique and valuable service to all SBIA members.

Close to Home Organics

Close to Home Organics is a family farm business in Abbotsford that grows an array of certified organic, seasonal vegetables and fruit. We sell through a Community Shared Agriculture program, farmers markets and select restaurants. Our guiding philosophy is that the healthiest, most flavorful and environmentally sustainable food is grown close to home.

Village Cleaners

Village Cleaners are Vancouver’s environmental garment cleaner, providing a complete range of high-end garment cleaning and alteration services for our discerning clients.

Discover our eco-friendly wet cleaning – an environmentally friendly solution to dry cleaning – and enjoy Canada’s first 24/7 garment pick-up and drop-off system.

We are located in the heart of Vancouver’s vibrant Village on False Creek.  Village Cleaners is your choice for superior quality and service that also makes a positive impact on your environment.

Glorious Organics

Glorious Organics Cooperative is a farming enterprise, situated on seven acres of cultivated land, in Aldergrove, BC. We are co-owned and operated by five members – with additional seasonal workers we employ approximately 12 people at the height of our growing season.

Thirty years of experience show that only field greens, challenged by the stress and diversity of outdoor conditions, develop the full character, robust flavour, and long shelf life that characterize our seasonal salad mixes.

We grow more than 30 varieties of salad greens, most vegetables that you know – a few you may not – and some fruit and berries. With seven polyhouses used to start bedding plants, we also extend the shoulder seasons, grow edible flower petals, and protect over-wintering perennial herbs.

Our goal as part of the local food movement is to serve about 15 discerning restaurants, as well as individual customers. You can find us at the Trout Lake, Kitsilano, and Langley Farmers Markets under the Organic Farm Connection awning, or sign up as a Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) member to receive weekly boxes of seasonal produce. We also have farmgate sales on Sundays during the summer.

For more information please visit

Meinhardt Fine Foods

At Meinhardt Fine Foods you’ll find a delicious line of freshly prepared foods and signature items in a fresh and entertaining environment. Western Canada's culinary destination for nearly 2 decades, Meinhardt Fine Foods boasts some of the best olive oils in the city and is best known for its specialized and imported food products, gourmet offerings, ready-to-eat meals and incredible deserts. Shift makes catered deliveries when Meinhardt needs our city-smart speedy service.

Advertising & Promotion Partners

HUB your cycling connection
Patagonia Vancouver
Canada Running Series

Previously know as hurrier in Vancouver, high-quality food and efficient service is in their DNA. Foodora is proud to provide best in class delivery from the restaurants you know and love. Foodora's restaurant assortment provides a glimpse into Vancouver's eclectic dining scene. Browse their careful selection and discover something delicious to enjoy today.

Vancouver Art Gallery
MODO the car co-op
Guayaki Yerba Mate

Guayaki is working to make organic, fair-trade yerba mate the mainstream energy source of choice, and prove that a company can be profitable while operating sustainably. We are an organization of individuals whose daily work is to bring you the finest yerba mate on the planet. We started in 1996 with a vision of protecting and restoring the South American rainforests and empowering the native forest people, and with your help, we are achieving that goal, sip by sip

Museum of Vancouver
Fleuvog Shoes

Funders & Supporters


HUB: Your Cycling Connection & Shift have worked together since 2011 to make cycling an attractive choice for everyone.HUB is a charitable non-profit helping to improve cycling in Metro Vancouver through education, action and events. More people cycling means healthier, happier, more connected communities. For more info, visit

Vancouver Foundation

The Vancouver Foundation is a community foundation. They devote their time, energy, money and resources to help build more vibrant, healthy and resilient communities across B.C.

The Vancouver Foundation provided one of the first major grants for Shift to launch operations in 2011 through the Generation Green Awards program.

BCIT Student Innovation Challenge

BCIT’s Student Innovation Challenge is an annual innovation contest aimed at providing funding, support, and encouragement to BCIT students who have big ideas. Grace Soo, one of our co-founders, won the BCIT Student Innovation Challenge in 2011 for her role in launching Shift Delivery.

Coast Capital Savings Innovation Hub

The Coast Capital Savings Innovation Hub offers a dynamic space to accelerate social venture growth by bringing together university resources, peer learning, and business networks. The program is defined by its passionate community and collaborative environment. Shift was one of the selected ventures participating the 2013 Innovation Hub program.


Vancity is a values-based financial co-operative serving the needs of 492,000 members and their communities.

Vancity has offered a range of financial support and other resources for the growth and development of Shift, including financing, grant funding and strategic and technical support from Vancity staff. A case study on Shift can also be found on the Vancity website.

City of Vancouver

The City of Vancouver's goal to become the Greenest City in the world served as part of the inspiration to launch Shift. We are grateful to have received support from the Greenest City Grant program in both 2011 and 2012.


RADIUS is a social innovation lab and venture incubator based at the Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University. Formed to enable SFU's leadership in building the new economy, RADIUS works to strengthen impact focused businesses and the ecosystem that supports them, develop and test new ideas for an economy that prioritizes people and planet, and build a pipeline of emerging social economy leaders with real world experience. Shift is a participating venture in the 2014 Radius cohort program.

The Co-operators

The Co-operators is a Canadian-owned co-operative that provides insurance and financial services. The Co-operators Foundation has provided Shift with grant funding in 2012 & 2013 to support marketing and promotional activities, including the development of this website.

Other Friends and Allies


The BC Co-op Association supports co-operatives, educates the community, and advances the co-op sector. Shift Delivery is proud to be a workers co-op and a member of the broader co-op community across BC. 



Check out our photo albums and more! 




"We have enjoyed the personal feel Shift brings to our Mills Family and their commitment to our customer service and delivery is a big part of our company’s success. Mills continues to support Shift and we look forward to working with them into the future."
- Tony King, Deliveries Manager, Mills Basics

"Since the first day Shift showed up, I've been impressed with their entire team's work ethic. Rain or shine they are always wearing a smile. Every time I ask for something more, they step up and fulfill my needs."
- Wayne Webb, Logistics Manager,

"Shift has worked with us to create a delivery schedule that works for our customers as well as our production needs in a more efficient way than we could have done in-house. Their customer service and responsiveness is excellent and we feel confident that they are able to represent us well."
Talib Jiwani, President, Shirtland Drycleaners



We’d love to hear from you!