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Welcome to our Community

The Shift community is always growing and we are so thankful for our supporters and partners. We started this blog to keep you up to date on the goings on at Shift but also to give our followers a peek into our everyday and to introduce the people we interact with on a regular basis.

Triking is one of the most enjoyable jobs in the transportation industry and one of the best parts is seeing the impact our unique vehicle has on people in this lovely city.

We get to interact with so many wonderful people on a daily basis and usually only for the amount of time it takes to drop a package. We’d like to delve a little beyond the brief greeting and find out more about the stories behind the faces we see.

We also want to share the stories behind the faces here at Shift. We come from all over the world with varying experiences and insights. Our hope is that through sharing we can strengthen both the bike and business communities that we are active in.

We will be starting out with two main features #CommunityCameo and #FollowAlong. The cameo will profile a member of the community or a Shift triker. The follow is a ride-along with a triker to portray what the view is like from the trike. Come for a ride with us as we get better acquainted with the folks in our community!